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This is a catalog of observations noting examples of design that are all around us in the world and that most of us just pass by without a second thought. Almost every object, image, and environment we encounter has been crafted by the mind of an engineer, graphic artist, or architect. Some of these objects are more successful than others and actually manage to add something special to our world. Others can have a negative effect. Others still can go by unnoticed by all but the most neurotic of observers…Like me.

So, hopefully the Design Kloud can rain down some drops of wisdom or even allow some rays of light to pass through to illuminate examples of successful design in practice. This blog will also serve as an experiment in information design as I figure out how to tailor the interface and experience to be most enjoyable for you, the user. Feel free to drop me a line with any suggestions.


i n f o [a_t] d e s i g n k l o u d [d_o_t] c o m


Luke Westra has impacted product development advancements in fields including consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices, and beyond. If you would like to contact Luke for input or feedback on your latest development project, drop a note to the e-mail address above.

Luke Westra