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[EXPERIENCE] Every Minute Counts on the CTA
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[EXPERIENCE] Every Minute Counts on the CTA

September 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Public transportation is simultaneously a blessing and a course. On one hand it allows my car to stay safely parked and my fuel consumption (and therefore expenses) delightfully low. On the negative you are putting your travel abilities in the hands of a government run system which is subject to the lunacy of government thought processes.

The picture above shows the scene greeting commuters on the platform at the Damen Ave station when the CTA decided, for some unknown reason, to alter the arrival interval of the Blue Line trains at 8am on a Tuesday morning. The ripple effect was felt along the entire route. Passengers such as myself were forced to watch as several trains arrived and subsequently departed without a fraction of space for any additional passengers to board. When we got sick of literally ‘missing the train’ we finally appealed to the sense of compassion of our fellow commuters and shoved our way in to the mass of steamy humanity. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable.

What a huge breakdown in the CTA system. What was this experiment supposed to accomplish? Was the announcer on the PA correct that it even was a planned change? I’ve heard of other train lines experimenting with cars having less seats to allow more room for standing passengers. That is a much more logical experiment due to the fact that CTA ridership is actually on the rise due to high fuel costs and other factors. This just didn’t make any sense.

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